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Hostel Hotel House 1 star is created by a couple of young entrepreneurs, Maria Timoshenko and Constantine Osinsky. The guest is located in the Sub-Sovene alley in House No.21, former landing of Morosov. The landing was built on the eve of the 18-19 centuries by the architects of D. N. Chichagov, F. O. Chechtel and E. Bondarenko. Internal interns were processed by an artist M. A. Vrubel.

Hostel Dom is conceived as comfortable and affordable housing at the historic centre of Moscow. Interrier's done in modern fashion, rooms are well mebled. The bathroom and the kitchen are common, which is usually for the host.

The sub-sighbour is located in the Basman district of Moscow, which is very historically interesting. The architectural face of the relay began to form in the 18th century and includes a block of siege and income-generating houses. An architectural ensemble is the Temple of Enterment into the Temple of the Holy Bogodica in Barash, built in the middle of the 17th century.

The nearest subway stations to the Dom Hotel-Chkalovskaya, Kurska and Red Worth. The Courski Station and the area of three stations are accessible. The Entertainment and Spring Branch is represented by the Atrim Trade Centre.

Within 10 to 15 minutes, walks from the host of the hotel are concentrated in a lot of gastronomical institutions. The outlying areas of the Poblica street are Kofimania, the Karawaev brothers ' Culinary Lab, the La Maree fishing restaurant, the Le Somel vintage, the Rock and Roll cocktail bar. It is also possible to find restaurants of American kitchens, beer bars and more budgetary alternatives to the fashion “Coffemania”. On the weekends at Zabelin Street and in the Gussitnikov alley, farm shops are opened near the Pruds, where fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, milk, meat and sweets can be purchased if you prefer to cook yourself.

Cultural leisure can be changed by buying tickets to the Contemporary Theatre, the Oleg Tabakova (cassa is located near the Red Worth subway) or the " 35 mm " cinema. It is also interesting to visit the Centre for Modern Art of Winzavod.

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Double number Econom (dual bed)

He stayed here for two days, wanted clean enough, soundproofing acceptable, good administrators, more clearly than +.

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