Искусственные растения

Art Trees For Home

We offer a low price to buy artificial trees in the mountains of any size, from a small tree of 20 cm to a magnificent beauty of 3 m.

Individual order

You can come up with a painted wood you need to design an interior or landscape.

Modern technologies and materials provide copies of living plants. Trees can be painted with flowers and/or fruit.

Ehrevical trees from natural materials

Our products are performed using natural tree stems and visually inseparable from their natural samples. The quality of manufacture guarantees the reliability of all anchorages, branches and leaves. It is important that leaves, flowers and fruit do not flourish in the sun, which allows them to be placed in places with direct sunset.

Environmentally clean high-quality materials do not produce unpleasant odours, which allows them to be used for decorating in any room.

It's easy to follow artificial trees!

The artificial trees in the interior are easy to care for, they don't require as much attention as living plants. In addition, they can be installed where the real plants simply cannot exist, for example, in the intact spaces or use them to decorate the territory near the house, without fearing that they would die from the freezes.

To buy

Today, you have an excellent opportunity to buy artificial trees on our Internet store.

Order the goods you need on the phone or on the website. A card may be used for payment or a cash payment. Then you choose the mode of delivery, and three to seven days after the full advance payment is received, you become a full owner.

Opt is cheaper

As a result of the system ' s shares, the prices of artificial trees can be significantly reduced. Well, in the purchase of 50,000 roubles, you can take advantage of the benefits. If you buy six goods at the same time, you'll get one. Purchase of 5,000 roubles) provides for other gifts that have shares.

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