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Technology Company

Most of our company's work can be divided into five lines:
  1. Screening of teeth and decorations (single 3D scanner or scanning conventional orthodontic blinds on the tomography)
  2. Modeling human jaw, finding and correcting orthodontic problems, designing treatments to create a beautiful smile and correcting taste
  3. Preparing unique mottos to treat each individual patient
  4. Timelines and research to track the effectiveness of our devices and improve them
  5. The infrastructure that supports the entire system is a single network that stores patients ' data between stations responsible for postal delivery, invoices, etc.

The Flagman product of the company is the so-called “alineers”. In fact, in terms of domestic medicine, this article should be called " orthodontic hood " , but English-language " , in my view, sounds easier and better. Capa is a special device that is levied on the teeth like a Chechlo.

In the dosiphre orthodontic, the caps were manufactured from a silicone or plastic on a hyptic pattern of teeth and used to put drugs on the teeth, to protect teeth in sports, and to record teeth in a certain position after the orthodontic treatment. Alain has come up with a " force drip " , which is not just fixing teeth in one position but moving them to the desired side. To achieve this, a digital dental and jaw model is built, a desired final dental position is determined and a trajectory is calculated for each tooth. There's a series of very little teeth moves on the way out, which starts with the current dental position and ends perfect. This series produces drops of special transparent composite material, each of which corresponds to a small scale in the movement of teeth. Each drop shall be made of a transparent elastical composite material and corresponds not to the current but to the next position to be filled with teeth. Since it's not too different from the current one, it's still possible to wear such a cap, but it's stretching and starting to push the teeth until they move and take the right position. It's actually an aliner.

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