Строительство бревенчатых

Construction Of Barbed Houses

Construction of barbed houses

The construction of barbed houses is particularly high and very specific to the 3D-CAD/CAM system. In the first place, mention should be made of one or more complex construction of the wall, sometimes very complex connections of logs and often very labour-intensive windows and doors. Cross-sections of the braces may vary from rectangular, D-like, oval to round. Increasingly, wood-based construction projects include combinations of wooden carcasses and beans from logs.

All these tasks, cadwork, are carried out in detail and flexibly in its module by the Construction Elements, where even the foams are stored for cuts, pads and cuts. Once the walls are simulated, each brushe can be transferred to the appropriate machine with all processing operations and can be issued as a frontal drawing. The macro-command programme also includes classical compounds, such as the thyrol castle.

Owing to the possibility of arbitrary design, individual cuts are virtually non-border. Therefore, each cut acquires its non-repetition, but at the same time, its planning and manufacture from the beginning to the end is very fast.

There is only one clavicle compression, and the system itself calculates and produces installation lists to determine the ratio of each individual part to the wall and its place in the wall. The module automatically generates blocks and sub-blocks for distribution over packages.

The wall drawings are issued in a given format for your firm ' s plans, along with the numbers according to the installation lists, processing positions and axle designations. Therefore, production can start very quickly after 3D.

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