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Construction Of Wooden Bars

More specifically for summer rest, wooden docks in Sochi from Veršina are intended. They get much easier, faster and cheaper than bricks. houses or cuts

Houses are made of high-quality natural materials. The production uses a brushe that protects against wind and weather. Households gather on the principle of " lego " and are built on fundamental pillars. All, including supports, glass windows and doors, roofs and, of course, special treatment, are costly. Rapidly constructed houses in Sochi do not require additional external or internal separation and can be used immediately for residence. The construction of houses is thus rapid and qualitative.

Durable cabinets in Sochi are used in very different settings for recreational, residential, economic and staff accommodation. Daci, camping, tourbs, child camps, baths and summer kitchens are far from the list of simple and ecologically clean housewives from a natural tree.

Household prices range from 128 to 520,000 roubles. Versina offers a wide range of ready design projects. But that doesn't mean the master doesn't have room for creativity. Despite similar designs, each project is individualized and reflects customer preferences and requests.

The 6x6 m long house was built by our company as one of the first in 2008 in Sochi.

This is where the foundation was used. The house was built in seven days " key " .

It is also possible to use tetanus or vintage bases to build our homes, making it impossible to construct houses on slope land.

By the way, the cost of tetanus is much lower than the ribbon.

At the client ' s request, the house of 6x8+1 m was built by our company in Sochi P. Dagomas, and a veranda of 3 m was added.

The total size of the house was 6x11 m.

Veranda may be glazed, so adding to the house a useful area with minimal cost.

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