Что касается цены на каркасные

Carcasian Wooden Houses

Wooden carcas at home

Carcas house - it's an easy-to-return design. The carcass house is the main type of small-scale construction in Scandinavia, Finland, Germany, USA.

Carcasses wooden housekeeping In Europe and the Scandinavia, more than five centuries are popular. This technology has built and continues to build not only private houses but also three-four large multifunctional buildings.

Quarter of wooden carcasno-panel houses. Finland

Carcasses are constructed on the basis of wood or metal carcas (e.g. zinc-based designs, LSTC) with wood fibre-coating panes. The construction of the carcasing house is supported by a baseball vata, a mineral vata, Ekovata, foampolistirol or foam polyurethane, as well as old-fashioned, clean-up warmers, such as stones, or sawls. On the outside or on the inner side, the conveniencer shall be sewn with cement-string plates (CCPs), OSB or plywood which are marked with a facade or syding.

Modern technology for the production and construction of carcass houses prevents houses from falling from brick or concrete in safety, strength and durability. Carcass houses have several advantages.

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