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Prices For Wooden Houses

How much is the wooden house to build?

With our CALCULAR, you can make a preliminary estimate of the cost of a wooden house on your own! This calculator takes into account all the main parameters affecting the final value of the wooden house.

The cost of a wooden house is:

  • A wall set of the house from the brew (ocylindrob or hand shirt) according to project documents;
  • Treatment of transport antiseptic NEOMID (Neomid);
  • Loading for the construction site;
  • Delivery of MoD;
  • unloading at the customer ' s site;
  • Construction of walls;
  • Arrangement of the locking ball;
  • Black floor device;
  • Installation of a stropile system with a fixture;
  • temporary shelter;
  • A draught box in windows and doors;
  • Skin;

The village set of the house consists of:

  • A tent of the house from the shrimp of natural humidity;
  • Natural humidity:

- Clothing balls, 100x200x6000mm;

- Trained, cut-off 50x200x6000m; (piece of 100x200x6000m in mansard windows);

- the barrel, the board with a cut of 25x100x6000mm;

- Dry boxes, cut-off 50x200x6000mm;

- Dry boxes, braces mm;

- saturated the temporary floor, a dose of 25x150x6000mm;

  • Inter-branched contour - jute;
  • Dry berena;
  • Ruberoid on the temporary roof;
  • Transport antiseptics, remmers;
  • Landing compensators, mestizos.

You can see the value of 1m3 for details:

  • rubber houses
  • home from cylindrovan brung

Attention! This costing of the house is not a commercial proposal and the final value of the Treaty can be determined only after the project has been agreed!

So we helped you focus on the cost of a wooden house or a bath. All you have to do is call the company manager and arrange a meeting to agree on the house project and determine the exact price of the wooden building!

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