утеплить дом из пеноблоков

Puppet House Plus And Minus

When you're going to build a house, there's a question about which material to build. With this sort of building materials and ads, it's easy to confuse. Suppose you stopped your choice on the foams. Let us address all the positive and negative aspects of building our home from this material.

If you're planning on building a single-stage house or making partitions inside your house from the foams, this material will certainly be the best for you.


The foams are relatively low. They're easier. The weight of your house will be smaller. Consequently, you will not need to build a strong foundation under the house. It'll save your money.

Plus, foam houses are being built fast because the size blocks themselves are bigger than the brick. During your vacation, you can lay the walls on your own. Puppet walls are much cheaper than a brick. Remove the walls from the foams by force and the inexperienced builder, as the laying is much easier.

The peno-lock is a material from which it is easy to build elements with a more complex race. This material is easily processed not only in external work, but in internal. The foam wall can easily hide the wire and the pipes.

Penople are considered environmental material. It uses water, cement and sand. The percentage of impurities is very low. So you don't have to worry about your health.

Bloki has a vicious structure. She better protects the house from wind and freeze. In areas with variable climate, it's very important. Penobeton creates a microclimate in the house. In the hot weather, the foam will ensure the optimum temperature in the room. They're ready to resist high temperatures. Through its additional channels, this material provides good ventilation.

Another plus foam is his noise insulation.

Different materials may be used for the removal of foams: art mixtures, plugs, natural or artificial stones, facade formulations and many others.

But it's not worth considering an entirely alternative to a more expensive and reliable material. They have their own minus.

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