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TAMAC notes the 30th birthday. Why did it start?
We have received information from people who have made a significant contribution to the establishment of the TAMAK plant. The long-standing friends and reliable partners of TAMAQ, members of the largest German company, Minda, Arkady Alexeiev, and the Claus Ancient.

In order to ensure the quality of wooden mites (ADC) in operation, the basic production and technology parameters need to be maintained: temperature and humidity in production facilities, high-quality labelling, quality control of sawnwood and adhesive materials.

According to the majority of industry experts, TAMAC is the leading manufacturer in Russia of houses from adhesion. And it's not an accident.

With the arrival of Austrian shareholders in 1999, the enterprise began to invest actively in the new direction for our country. The launch already had 10 years of experience of wood Clay balls for the intervals. However, in order to develop the production of houses from the glued brushe, many challenges have to be met:

  • Develop a wall-cell profile;
  • Design the interfaces and obtain appropriate equipment for their manufacture;
  • Purchase software products for design and transfer of teams to machines with PCP;
  • Purchase new technology and laboratory equipment, and carry out pash and patchwork;
  • Develop technology and route maps;
  • Renovate rooms to ensure regulatory temperature and humidity regimes;
  • Develop technical and product quality standards;
  • Certify products in Russia and Germany;
  • Train staff.

The original product was directed not only to the Russian but also to the European consumer. Therefore, not only business personnel but also specialists from Germany and Austria participated in the launch of new production and process management.

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