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Wooden Houses From Cylindrovan Wrench

Используемые технологииОцилиндрованное бревноThe value of the cylindrovan brawn is a uniform, rounded form that allows for a strong connection between the Hungarians. On the Eurostandard, the diameter of the cylindrovan wrestle shall not exceed 2-4 mm. Basically, the diameter of the brand we offer to build ranges from 200 to 320 mm. The high precision of the manufacture avoids the normal logic in the mandatory sequence of the coma to the top and their petty rise to each other. Bells are less deformed in ageing. And because of the same diameter and high quality of surface treatment, cylindrovan shrimp do not require costly separation.

Production of raw materials for cylindrovan braven
For the production of the womb, sos (possibly el) are used only in the northern regions with excellent isolating properties and solid characteristics. A unique wood structure allows permanent air exchange through fibre structure. That's why it's always easy to breathe in a wooden house, warm and cozy summer. The production of raw materials and the manufacture of the cylindrovan itself is best performed late in the fall or during the winter, as there is little cogeneration in wood at that time. Low ambient temperatures are not allowed to develop micro-organisms, and the logic remains clean with the express texture. Low temperatures also contribute to the storage of cylindrovan shrimp, which enables construction to proceed more smoothly.

Production of cylindrovan braven
An interlinked set of machines is used for the manufacture of cylindrovan braves, which is a consistent set of mechanically treated logs. At the entrance, normal non-indigenous wrench. In order to turn a tree into a cylindrovan wreath, its stem is pre-emptively purified from the crust, then passed through the tarp system, converted into an ideal cylindrical with a well-treated surface, followed by a brane to size, the manufacture of spices, ships and hatches (bags), the drilling of technological holes and the anti-s. The necessary pazas and locks in modern cylindrovan brawns are mathematically calibrated and are performed with very high precision: as a result, the veins from such logs have minimal closures and the brawns can be assembled at any necessary angle.

The ocylindrob is a technology material and requires a minimum of manual work in the construction of the house, as it is going to be a construction maner. All necessary operations shall be carried out at the plant or, if mobile equipment is available at the customer ' s facility, in particular, the selection of mounting cups and a landing canal in the shrimp. The opening of the ground shall be done when the wooden house is assembled.

Construction benefits home from cylindrovan brung
Wooden houses from cylindrovan braves have a very attractive and stylish view. The cylindrobe gives the building an infinite beauty and abundance. In Europe, such houses are considered to be one of the most prestigious. The construction of wooden houses from cylindrovan braves is a reasonable choice. However, as any wooden house in the construction of wooden houses, there are braveins and minus.

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