Строительство домов из бревна

Brev House

Латвия_отделка_(16).jpgThe wooden robbed house has taken steady positions in the countryside for centuries. Drevesin is a unique material valued for its low thermal conductivity, ecologicality, actuality, the ability to create a favourable emotional atmosphere and to fill the house with warm, cozy and harmony. The aesthetic type of manual shirt creates an exterrier ' s exterrier ' s exterrier ' s extermination, the broken wooden houses enjoy the eyes of the prospective public and attract their luxury.

  • Living in a broken house is prestigious!
  • The village house is the key to our health!

The Rous Khoromi Production and Construction Company is involved in the construction of exclusive rubber houses from the kedra, pine and large-diameter sheets, using large-scale diagrams North lane and offering you acceptable prices!

Wooden houses are meant to be " living " in which natural material and manual work are combined. Drevesin, the only material in nature that can ensure the optimal level of heat and moisture inside the house, it's warm in winter, and in summer winter it's the Oasis cold. Ruble wooden house Breathes, enriches air with oxygen and fitoncides. This unique material fills the air inside the room with healthy resins, air oils and, at the same time, is a natural antiseptic. The blood house will certainly strengthen your immunity and give life force!

Баня_из_бревна_ручной_рубки_Артель_(1).jpgRemoving houses: starting with mortgages. ♪ ♪

  • Diameter: 420 mm
  • Drevesina: Cedre, Son and Leaflet
  • House area: 557, 42 m2
  • Diameter: 320 mm
  • Drevesina: pine, cadre and leaflet,
  • bath area: 179, 76 m2
  • bath area: 217, 18 m2
  • Diameter: 300 mm
  • bath area: 99, 37 m2
Большой сруб - дом
  • Diameter: 360 mm
  • Home area: 236, 36 m2

Rubble conversation

  • Diameter: 400 mm
  • Interview area: 48, 78 m2

Exclusive rubber house

  • Home area: 209, 11 m2

  • Home area: 286, 3 m2
Рубленный_дом_ЛЕГЕНДА_2.jpg Руза_(8).jpg Рубленная_баня_из_сосны_аедра_и_лиственницы_4.jpg Рубленные бани из кедра - баня 400 мм
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