Строительство! Деревянные дома

Construction Of Wooden Houses

The company Svodastroy is building suburban houses from a variety of materials. In our catalogue, you will find a variety of objects. The most popular is the wooden cuts of carcasses. In addition, we are building a suburban house and materials such as gasobeton, brick, houses from the prof.brus of a cell cushion, glue brushe or cylindrovan.

Benefits of the country house

It's worth looking at the photo to figure out why it's worth ordering a wooden house under the key-- it's a beautiful, external view and capacity. Unlike multi-family houses in Moscow, small-scale construction provides comfort and freedom of movement.

The advantages of building a wooden house are also:

  • Possibility of using any design;
  • Application of environmentally sound materials;
  • Relatively low cost of building a house;
  • Minimum completion date.
Projects wooden houses under key

By ordering a wooden house under the key, you can choose a carcas house built by Canadian technology. It does not need additional comfort and has a high degree of strength. Now, bruises and cylindrobed ribs are intended for seasonal residence, which requires additional warming to increase their comfort.

It is also possible to order a garden house under the key in Moscow, choosing such materials as a gasoline or a brick. Small-scale construction of this type is carried out with modern materials. They are represented by porous ceramic blocks and gas-tight blocks providing effective thermal insulation.

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