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Buy A Wooden House

Since the august of Lena Trostnikova, I have met the unique man of Oksana, who reads the letters of which, in a different way, I'm assessing my life with you in this country. In the name of the post, the quote from the Oxan letter, which is not gram of irony.
Oxana pedagogue, living with a husband, a hand-deliverer, in the Upper Toima settlement, a thousand kilometres (and a spilling river) from Moscow. In the family, two children, not too healthy, while they were treated and lying in the hospital, adopted two more children because they were unable to go past them in the hospital.
Nine years ago, the family survived a miracle when their house burned down, the state helped a couple of vain (I'm not kidding), the guys in the mortgage bought some of the rotten. wooden house - the apartment, and we started building a new home for a big family.
Now it's built, it's virtually empty inside, the money's mostly on drugs and food that you can't grow on your own.
A cancer tumor in Oxan has been added to the family ' s trouble, and two weeks later, she's going to have a second surgery. And in June, she has to bring a handicapped adoptive son to Moscow for routine treatment. (The road in our ruthless to our citizens from the province of the State at their expense and will cost 12 tons).
Oxan's ritual won't bother.
And we want to, by grouping and thinking about the logic, raise a big "show" for this family and take her to the Toima truck. There won't be anything else, there's a lot of poor people around them (as many others around the country).
I want to share a piece of Oxan's letter with you.
I'll write a lot about them.
Let's find a way in May to send the Books to the Founder, and they've got a lot of boxes and bags and they're still coming, and we're gonna figure out how to move a lot of personal stuff to the bottom of a kilometer. The experience of such transport will be useful to many comas, as the insane prices of postal remittances make it almost impossible to help poor families in the province. Unless the beloved BF has the power and the means.
I'll get some of Oxan's e-mails today.
Good afternoon. Thank you! You're with the past. It's been a couple of days. But it's a waste of business before we leave. They can't relax at work either.
About the feeling. On Thursday, I took the Plenka to Cotlas to the FGD. And since the night, I've had a pretty heavy stomach and back. Well, I don't think so. I will. At 4:00 in the morning, the pain became stronger. I can't sleep anymore, and I can't go. On my way to Cotlas, I thought I was dying. The waves of pumping every two minutes. It ended up in a reception. An hour and a half: UCI, autopsy of stitches, removal of blood clots from the floor (they started to decompose, and they couldn't get out)#39; again PCI. But it's all right. I want to live. It's been a couple more days, but it's all right now. Gemoglobin's not coming up. It's 17 for analysis. 21 to go. Hospitality Day 23. Operation's usually in a couple of days. If nothing happens.
I'm worried about how everyone's gonna be here. Alinky's prom. I won't be in Toima. The end of the school year... Landing. ♪
Well, I've put the heater down. In the heat of cable and beetles. Let's move in.
At work, the boss made the draft write. He won and won. Now we have to go. I'm the only one who can imagine how I'm going out after the surgery. Okay, we'll deal with the questions as they get,
About the tissue. That's very good. Great! Especially the curtain is not yet available). I mean, they're from the apartment. But they're eight to nine years old. And bought or surrendered were the cheapest. I've already said it's like a bed sew. So cheaper and more profitable in that the tissue can be more qualitative. I bought a bed at the sale, I was happy... And after the first laundry, it became transparent and the paint disappeared.
She asked her husband about the tools, you need a snooper, an elktrobone and a peel.
We've got a job to run water. Otherwise, I don't know how I'll get water. If the husband's on the watch and the nearest column is 20 minutes away.
Actually, things are good. Kids in remission, every one of them. I can eat a little. A little bit. And that's nice. Almost no nausea. Thank God! I'm waiting for an operation with hope and faith. I have so many plans!
We haven't paid a man yet, we're waiting for a carpenter. Avans gave 10,000. That's good. The kids are exhausted. There are supplies, too. Thank God for everything!

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