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Construction Of Wooden Cottage Houses

Today, many customers and customers are most interested in technology in building houses and cottages. Construction of wooden houses (cottage) in Kazani

Of course. Construction of wooden houses Only wood is natural material from where it takes its origins. This house is most valued by greenness, estetic attraction. The village has good passivity and allows the building to breathe.

Construction of tree houses and cottages

Drevesina is very warm material. The walls of a wooden house are well kept warm in winter and cold summer.

So the wall thickness wooden house much less than the wall thickness of the stone house, construction costs are therefore reduced. Furthermore, the tree has a small mass, so there is no need for a massive foundation.

In our company, the most commonly used materials to build houses and cottages from the tree are:


Of course, depending on the material chosen, there are different technologies for building houses and cottages.

Wooden houses are always characterized by special cohabitation and comfort and have a positive impact not only on health but also on internal self-reliance.

The tree - environmentally sound natural material, the strength and durability of such a house shall be achieved only if the treatment rules are met. In our company, the methods of correct wood processing have developed tremendous experience. construction of tree houses 3D Life, as a guarantor of high quality, will ensure the strength and durability of wooden houses.

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