В чем состоит преимущество

Woody Houses

Do you often ask: "Can we set kilns and fires in our homes?" The answer is yes! There's a few important things to know. When stove or fireplace is installed wooden house It is necessary to protect wood from overheating and possible combustion, so that thermo-resistant ground on the floor and the fire wall at the walls adjacent to the fire/fighting, also protect the ceiling and roof at the opacity sites. Another equally important point is the foundation, to provide for the installation of the house on a safe or stove foundation. Ideally plan the installation of the furnace/camine at the time of the order of the house, in which case our specialists will be able to consult you in detail, if necessary, on the project, for example, to plan the location of the opaque. Let your country life in our homes breathe cozy and comfortable. In the photo, our warm house is from the COTCA bar.

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