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Cuts In Red

m2Tubes from cylindrovan rim

Bang cuts were poems and poems not only in a long time, but even these days. And that's not surprising, because baths play a huge role in the life of a Russian man. Since the construction of the first plug, it has not been one hundred years, and perhaps the first cut has been sharply different from what is being built today. To date, bathing is also a tribute to fashion, which is why they contain huge pools, Jacuzzi and many other attributes of wealth and luxury.

"All that tortures you will evade
And rising up to heaven,
You're going to have to come down...
A couple of sins will kill himself.

Don't want to spend time with your soul,
Don't look like a clean wash,
We need to smash the vein of the soul,
We need to evaporate the mortis. "

B. Excessive

However, it should not be forgotten that the bathhouse is not only a place where the mud can be evaporated and washed from the body, but it is, above all, a place of spiritual cleansing, a place where secrets are revealed and the soul is cleaned. Perhaps the brightest evidence of this is the lines of the Vladimir Vassok Ballad:

21These lines were written only about 40 years ago, when the cylindrovan womb had not yet been so common, the cuts were very rare, and the public baths were not so frequent. However, mind has taken over fashion and misconceptions, and now we can see them more and more, passing through cattle towns, long-distance villages. Houses and villages♪ Surprising, perhaps, is that there are new banners that haven't worked on.

To date, small cuts are very popular, which can be used without loss on the edge of a given plot or instead of an old sarium. Believe me, such a bath will bring you much more joy than an old, long-term, fertilized bush of red sorodine, or a little hamster wrapped with old shovels and robbers. In the case of the owners of large suburban areas, they only have to be envied - on their land, they can place a cut for any size and shape.

Ban projects - model and individual

If you have decided that the bath is what you need, first of all, to define the future construction project, i.e. to decide on the size, design, functionality, etc. There is no doubt that the best adviser and assistant on this issue can be the projects that are ready.

35-s anna
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