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Wooden Cuts

How to comfort the mansard with his hands:

The warming of the roof and walls of the mansard is a very important moment in its construction and subsequent operation. The warmed mansard will increase the useful living space, protect the main premises from cold and heat under different weather conditions.

Selection of comfort material

Mensard warming can be done with artificial or natural materials. The thermal insulation of environmentally sound natural materials has its shortcomings - fuel. Therefore, using as a conveniencer the stone, salt, granular paper, seaweed trawls and other materials should take into account their fire hazards, relatively small life and installation skills. In addition to natural, the construction market offers a huge choice of artificial contaminants with some advantages over natural thermal insulation. The most common are glazing, mineral wata from the mining basalts and artificial stoves of the polyrol group of materials.

Mineral Wat refers to environmentally sound negligible material, does not affect human health and the environment. Minvata has low thermal conductivity, i.e. the winter stores heat, and the summer counters the overheating. There is a long operating period. Is released in the form of stoves and mats that easily pass the vapours of moisture. Consolidation of foam-polistic materials has positive sides. They're not afraid of water, excellent thermal insulation, not burning. Is released in the form of stoves, lightly mounted. Deficiencies include high temperature melting with toxic gas and high price.

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