Строительство из оцилиндровки

Ocylinder House

Calculation of cylindrovan cutting materials

Specify the necessary wall dimensions.

A Long wall on facade
B - Long side wall
These dimensions may be indicated at the outer edges of the cut or the axis of the walls. Option 1 or 2.

H is the height of the facade to the tip of the front. If a cut without a front, set value = 0
G is the height of the side wall to the tip of the front. If a cut without a side front, set value = 0
U is the height of the wall on the corner.
T is a long paw.

Dimensions of cylindrovan wreath.

D - Diameter of the womb
C - Useful height of the wreath, step of one vein The size shall be necessarily less than the diameter of the womb.

First and second floor suburbs.

Specify the total length for all sections of the first floor L1 and second floor L2.
Specify the height of the partitions of the first floor P1 and the second floor P2.
If a cut partition is not required, set the value = 0

Additional data
N is the distance between nugels.
V is the weight of one cubic metre of cylindrovan.
S is the indicative value of one cubic metre of cylindrovan wreath.

Расстояние между нагелямиIf the height of the walls of the main cut is not short of the vein, the programme will change that height.
In this case, the result will be changed!

The programme will help calculate the number of construction materials wooden house Or a cylindrob bath.
The result of the calculation contains both data separately for walls, fronts and partitions and their amount.
This is the perimeter of the cut, the number of Hungarians, the area and volume of walls and partitions, the number of logs and their total length.
The programme will consider the total weight of the cut and the estimated cost of the whole house.

The areas of the outer walls and partitions will be useful in calculating the number of beverages and paints.
The total length of the logo will help calculate the heater between the Hungarians.
Don't forget the cost of collecting and mounting, the cost of transportation.
Seizures, windows and doors shall not be counted. The value of the materials is not affected.
The number of shells is estimated at approximately.

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Project author: Dmitri Gitov
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