Деревянные дома под ключ

Zoddy House Under The Key

When it comes to the construction of carcasing technology houses, people usually say " carcas house " , which is, in general, wrong because " carcas house " is not available. There are carcasses and carcasses and board houses. Sodium builds both. The carcasses and carcasses from Zedge are built on one principle, based on wooden carcas.

In the first case, the walls, floors, closures are formed from finished boards. Shield is a multi-layer structure which consists of a wooden carcas, which is stowed from the outside and inner side, usually by a wagon. Such carcasses and board houses may contain a convenience that performs audible and thermal protection function. Each shield is manufactured at the workplace, the stowage of the conserver also occurs in the caes.

Carcasino-protection technology is best suited to construct low-cost small-scale buildings. In the construction of large carcasing houses, cottages, the installation of large, heavy shields requires the use of large-scale equipment, which is not always possible, for example, because of the lack of access routes to the site or the presence of green plants. In addition, carcasing technology is less flexible than carcasing in terms of individual architectural projects. In view of this, " Zodci " uses shields (self-produced) for the construction of lung, compact, cheap orchards, household, shower cabs intended for use during summer and intersensorship. The carcass boarding houses are only in one day. Such short periods are very valuable to customers. There's nothing on the precinct this morning, and tonight is worth, like, a garden house... In addition, the construction of carcass-protection houses allows clumbums, gardens and gardens to remain safe and sound.

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