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The House Is Beautiful

Красивый Дом для оформеления интерьераThe room is painted by the colours of leaf 8, Holcus catalogue "The Red House."

The colours of the Red House for Interrelationships provide an opportunity to start a filming exercise in the processing of the interior and help to build a beautiful, harmonious combination of the interior interior interior. The collection comprises 60 leaflets, each of which has four combined colours. Total gamma Nice house. For the interior, 240 flowers are combined.

You can choose both neutral, traditional and bright, modern colouring. It's mostly colors that always keep their popularity, they don't have to do with some sort of season, and they're perfect for the interior. Neutral main colours make it easy to change the situation later, replacing only the colour of individual parts. There will be more brighter color options for fans of recent fashion trends in the gamma.

The biggest paint of the leaf is the main color, primarily for the paint of the walls. The remaining three colours are auxiliary colours that can be used in the wall colouring, the creation of decorative effects, and the selection of carpets, textiles and other interior fittings.

The interior of the room used the colours of leaf 51, Bellis gamma "The Red House."
Kuvassa käytetty Kaunis Koti värilastua nro. 4. GaleopsisThe interior of the room used the colours of leaf 4, Galeopsis, gamma, Red House.

If you like a brighter interior, you can always use as the main colour of the interior of any of the flowers on the leaf. The white colour will refresh dark or bright colours.

The room is painted by the colours of sheet 59, Populus gamma "The Hand House." Kuvassa käytetty Kaunis Koti värilastua nro. 59. PopulusThe room is painted by the colours of leaf 56, Taxus gamma "The Hand House."

A full range of colour sheets can be found in the Colour Design Programme. Try it yourself.

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The colours presented on the display are reproduced electronically. They do not replace original colours, as the perception of colour is influenced, among others, by factors such as surface structure, glazing and lighting. Before final selection, we recommend that the colours of catalogues in the natural environment be checked.

Kuvassa käytetty Kaunis Koti värilastua nro. 51. Bellis Kuvassa käytetty Kaunis Koti värilastua nro. 56. Taxus

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