Двухэтажный бетонный дом

Dom On The Key

Construction of carcasses and boarding houses

Lesprom has been working for over 18 years to build human shields throughout Leningrad province.

The box of the board house we make 50x50 mm from the braces or 40x100 mm from the table, depending on the intended thickness of the comfort layer. The bigger the board, the better the shield house can be warmed. The minimum width of the shield is 1 m. Shields between each other are connected with nails or slices. Shields and angles from the outside are closed by a cut-off dose (wagon).

For the floor, the cut boards are used with a thickness of 25, 40 and 50 mm. The distance between the floors shall be not more than 1 m, the section of the ceiling and the floor probe shall be determined by a passing but not less than 50x100 mm.щитовой дом The floor is first made of an intrusive board that scatters in 1-3 months. It can then be covered with plywood or DDP. In the construction of a boarding house with a thickness of 100 mm warming, the floors are desirable: a warmer, hydro and vapour is placed in the thickness of the floor. The half of the attic is a cut board of 25 mm or a full floor of 40-50 mm.

We use our own car of natural humidity with a thickness of 16 mm with a stack of 7 mm long. The length of 7 mm cap reduces the effects of the dispersal of the wagon.щитовой дом Such a car is warmer than the traditionally used one, and it is possible to increase the strength and reliability of the whole structure of the board house. At the request of the customer, the wagon may be painted with protective paints. Sideing is rarely used for the external separation of board houses, as it's more expensive than cars. But if the client wants, we can use it.

Internal Divisionthe thermal and hydrosulation of the board house, we do so in consultation with the client of any modern material.

The ceiling is set on the top of the cut-off balls with a thickness of 25 mm. The distance between the probes shall not exceed 1m., the section of the probe shall be not less than 50x100 mm.

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