Проект дома из дерева

Tree House Project

Our ready-made projects of houses and cottages from the brushes have an aesthetic appeal at minimal cost. On the Exclusive House site, you will find a lot of projects of houses and cattle, different in style and at appropriate prices. Our company provides an opportunity for all its clients to amend the projects in accordance with their wishes and tastes. Modification of facade and internal sewerage, interior interns at home, as well as the construction of closets, etc.

When choosing a house from a glued bruce or wooden cottage, attention should be drawn to its appearance and its functionality. The specificity of the glue brushe defines the planning decisions. By establishing house and cattle projects, we pay close attention to the development of a functionality so that in the future the customer does not have difficulties in building new premises and redesigning.

When selecting a draft house from the brushe, account must be taken of the construction material. The profiling brace is more expensive than the profiling, the first and the most reliable. Houses from the glued brushe will be suitable for seasonal (good) and permanent residence. The wooden house projects from the brass are an excellent way to build a long time. They are compact, functional and sound external. Despite the small size of the village buildings, it is possible to place everything inside for full housing: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.

For the design of good wooden cottages from the braces that will be suitable for permanent round-trip housing, first of all, a good thermal insulation and installation of the heating system should be provided. As a result, such structures will not suffer even the harshest winter freeze. A single-story home or a cottage project would be a good option for the family. In such facilities, there are options for in-house planning and interior interior interior interior. Generally, the first floor contains economic rooms (kilometre, sanulus, precise) and the upper floors are designed as a recreational area.

By choosing our ready-to-be projects from the glue, you're doing at least three tasks:

If you want the construction to take as little time and money as possible, you've come to the address. Projects of houses from the brushe, which you will surely cost, are the best offer from Dom Exclusiv.

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