Деревянные дома для всех

Wooden Houses

However, it was not possible to find many buyers among the recipients. In January 2015, Bobkov set up a site and tried to post contextual advertising on the Internet (600,000 roubles of investments) and started to call potential clients. But there was no point. "If you get a "autonal ecodo" in the search, our site will be the first. Only people like that are looking for nothing. "We'd rather spend our time at the exhibitions," turns our hands on the businessman. However, last year, Bobkov was able to sell acquainted first three houses for 12 million roubles (of which 4 million are profits).

For example, a house of 106 square metres in 3, 6 million roubles purchased a developer group of Raszlo under the office in Tomilina. According to Timura Bagautdinova, a friend of Bobkov and a commercial director of the GC Rosbourg, there is electricity and gas in Tomilina, but autonomy and solar batteries are needed to attract clients. The other house of Ineeco was built on a landing station on the Novoris Highway (owners bought it for change).

The mass buyer has no interest in such projects, said by Alexander Dubowenko, co-owner and manager of the GoodWood construction company. Dubovenko estimated that 6 million roubles could be built by traditional generic templates. wooden house 200 square metres or 100 square metres of business class.

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Ineeco specializes in model doses independent of external engineering communications






Leopard hope

The idea of looking for customers is not among citizens, but in the Murlics of Bobkov came in the summer of 2015, when one house with all communications was bought by the friends of Bobkov, the leaders of the Luc Tourbase in Saratov province. During the high season, the only converter on the base is working at a limit, buying a new one in three million roubles, explains Dmitri Yudin, managing the turbaz. Here are the turbine leaders who decided to save and bought in Ineeco an autonomous home with 36 square metres per million roubles as an experiment. There are 80 houses on the turbine that require repair or replacement. And Luca's leadership is already thinking about replacing them with self-contained ones for 3-5 years.

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