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How Much Is The Cut From The Cylindrovan Brawn

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What's the timeline for building a house from a cylindrovan womb?

Answer: On average, a house of medium-sized cylindrovan (~150 m.q.) is built for 1, 5-2 months. This is based on the construction of the foundation, the production of a wall kit at the house and the collection of a house on the precinct under the temporary roof. When the foundation is built, the production order is made for the production of a brand. After the bay of the foundation, it stands for six to seven days (this is summer time and more time), then the first vein shall be displayed and checked, the cut shall be collected.

Further work (blood, windows, doors, communication, separation) - takes place six to 12 months.

Is it worth building? home from cylindrovan wrench d=200mm, if it's two floors?

Answer: For a small house used for seasonal residence, this option could be justified. It is no longer a question of technical capacity, but of the appropriateness and optimumness of choice.

Main aspect 4:

  • Quality. Ocylindrovanized large diameters are produced from more mature wood with large wood. Its structure is more stable, there are fewer distortions, cracks, distortions, cuttings, etc.
  • Thermal. A 200-mm cylindrob house may be less comfortable to live in winter or more heat costs will be required.
  • Price. The use of a breech of 200 mm would certainly save a certain amount, but it would probably not be decisive in the overall construction budget. And a cut from a cylindrovan brew is a critical phase of construction. We can't change the diameter later.
  • Exterior view. The size of the section must be balanced with the size of the house, or the building would look ugly.

Total: If it's a little summer house or a bath, you can use that diameter. If it's a more serious building, it's better to choose a bigger shrimp. In many cases, optimum 240 mm.

There's a desire to build a house from the womb, but a limited budget is considering a house from the brev 220. Will it be warm in winter?
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