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House Braces

'Cause the building site's getting some of the details of the house that are ready to be packed in some order.
  • The house from the glue bruise doesn't need any extra external and internal separation because of the high quality of the surface.
  • A great variety of architectural solutions.
  • The construction of the house from the adhesive brushe is carried out from the specially designed parts of each project. The production of parts of the house is, in fact, the manufacture of design details, each has its name and purpose. The correctness of the forms ensures the perfect link and prevents the stitching of the house.

    The texture of the Siberian tree is the best part of your house!

    1. Construction of a house with a glued bra without a steamer. Technology involves building walls home from a glued brushe 200mm or 240 mm thick. The use of this technology ensures simplicity and speed of construction, normal thermal insulation.

    2. Construction of a home from a glued bruise using a conveniencer. The technology involves the building of walls from a claw of 120 mm thickness, combined with an eco-wait. The use of " improved " technology provides high thermal insulation, but the construction process is complicated.

    It's quick and easy to build a cool brushe, 'cause we've done almost all the work already at the factory! In addition, the use of adhesive brushes, the minimization of the costs of the foundation and the significant reduction of other costs.

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