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Cost Of Wood

The issue of the price of the country house is often a real stumbling block for customers. Because by selecting a subcontracting organization, the customer does not seldom look at the price - where it's smaller, where it's finally ordered to build a house. Questions and problems usually arise after construction, because miracles are rare, and Mercedes will not buy at the price of Giguli, these harsh realities of the world.

Sometimes when you come to our resource, customers start asking why we're more expensive than there? And could we do as cheap as Roga and Kotuz? No, we could-- we're surely answering, and every time we write a whole list of differences in seemingly similar houses: differences that have a radical effect on the final cost of the house.

We'll take a set of houses, first of all, we don't have management tricks and exploding. When the house on the site is 500,000 roubles, but in fact, to make it at least “satisfactory”, an additional 300,000 p. should be added. Simple example: Brousse house 140x140 mm. with a mass of 8x8 m on any website, allowed, the 500,000 p. But it turns out there are: (1) The thin layers that cannot live with, and they need to change. Naturally, by adding money; (2) Too thin sex lags and tremble with an unbelievable step, and to make it satisfactorily, again, be good to pay; (3) Unstable partitions, unstable or 50 mm warmed up (which is equally unstable) Mansard, and its warming will cost extra money (not small). (4) The " key house " is offered from the raw brushe and on the nails, a total contradiction between the SNIP. For the nuggels (which are actually in place for such a house) - please pay for that too! (5) And most importantly, the " bands " that have been recruited from the streets, whose wages are low, and their work cannot be considered as skilled as softly. Continue the list? I think it's understandable, and that's what it's like to buy a barn at best, but it's not a house, especially.

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