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Дом из брусаAt a time when the wooden house in our country was the most common option, the houses were usually built from the barren. When wood production became possible, new construction materials emerged. And the shrimp was replaced by a different brace. Houses have become more technological, their walls are more stable and the construction process is more rapid and simple.

The most economical version of the wooden house to date is the home from a normal natural moisture or dry brushe. This one-size-fits-all material is used for the construction of day and peri-urban houses in Lesorub. Upon completion of construction by external secession of the Siding, blockhouse or car of the brushe house, any kind can be given. The processing of special bio- and fire-protection equipment will extend its service life to improve performance.

We produce and use standard length bars (6 m) and various sections: 100x150, 150x150, 150x200 and 200x200. For outer walls, 150x150 mm thickness is recommended, 100x150 mm for inner walls and partitions.

The house from a simple brushe in the first year is a significant landing, so construction technologies provide for the construction of two phases: after the foundation, walls and roofs have been completed, it is recommended that the work be suspended for at least six months, only then it is possible to proceed to the 2nd phase: to communicate, to mount windows and doors and to separate.

Phase 1 - technology characteristics construction of a barbed house

In particular, as in any construction, it is one of the most important stages. The construction of wooden houses is most commonly carried out by a small, deep-seated ribbon. The house should be assembled directly from the brushe: the lower ligament device, the laying of the floor, the assembly of the black sex, its warming and hydrosulation, and the floor of the stunted board.

In the next line, the walls of the 1st floor and the inner partitions shall be constructed using the contaminant between the brushes. Usually use the jute filth.

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