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Prophed Brew - Production technology
The cell structure of wood is heterogeneous - it is more dense in the middle of the barrel, contains a large number of resins (bottle trees) or arcs (leather trees). The wood stem kernel is completely non-existent, so it is stronger. Therefore, the probe is produced only from the core, the stronger part of the wood.
The wooden brace is usually given the following cross-sectional profile: the outer side (outside) in the form has been either flat or flat, removed or not removed; the interior (home-to-house) straight; the top and bottom ends with spikes and spazes under the subsequent Paz-Shipe connection.
Let's see how the profiled bruise is produced. The background material for its creation is a cut-off from the pine that has grown in the northern regions of Russia, such wood being more dense and durable, with less moisture. The cut-off shall be subject to strict entry control - the cut-off shall be rectangular, no deviations in the angles and the line of the rubber. Consequently, the braces affected by insects and mushrooms are completely removed.
The moisture before profiling shall not exceed 22 per cent.
Profiling is performed on quadrilateral wood processing plants. At the time of processing, the cutting-edge brushe becomes a strictly designed form or profile, with each of the four surfaces of the same brus fruit being treated as being extremely smooth.
Plus and minus probes
Positive characteristics:
● Brushing, which completely excludes any refinement at the installation site;
• The absence of cheeks between adjacent elements in the installation of walls, a secure connection that protects the outer (in street) side of the walls from the effects of atmospheric precipitation without additional external separation;
● Short building time, not more than one to two months;
∙ There is no need for a heavy base (depending on the construction of the building) under the brass building - the tape and even tetanus will be sufficient;
∙ The building is significantly smaller than those built from unprotected wood products;
● Lower, compared to calibrated cage and cylindrovan brungcost, approximately 10,000 roubles per cubic metre;
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