Проект дома из бруса 140,6м2

Prepared Draft Of The Brew House

We're asking you to choose a project from a cool brushe in our catalogue. The catalogue contains ready-to-be projects that, in our view, are particularly externally attractive and highly operational, with minimal construction costs! All the projects presented from the tree are completely different from their area, floor and architectural style, and we have chosen to suit you in a variety of ways, from compact, cosmic wooden houses, to large large large, massive garage and pool houses. Prepared projects of brothel houses offer options for different internal planning and interior interior interior spaces.

Houses from the brushe have a number of advantages! They are reliable and practical, highly eco-safety to humans. The moisture in the buildings from the glued brushe is regulated naturally by the tree breathing. A high level of comfort for human beings is achieved not only by a favourable microclimate in the house, but also by an unusual fresh smell of wood. ♪ brush houses Always a favourable, relaxing atmosphere of calm and comfort.

In addition to the above values, houses from adhesive braces are relatively easily constructed and have a small life of construction. A reliable technique for the construction of a glued brushe is the connection of blocks consisting of a pressurized wood. Drews are treated in ad hoc furnaces and recharged by suitable convoys. Ultimately, we receive a strong wooden house that is sustainable to the effects of the environment and is not prone to rotting processes.

Details You can see in Doma's section of the glue brushe built by our company, you can see in our work section.

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