На фото брусчатый одноэтажный

One-Stop House From The Brushe

In company IVA, you can inexpensively order the construction of single-stage houses from the brushes (the consultant will give you the price); a lot of ready projects are on the pages of the catalogue. Such buildings are universal. They are suitable for both regular and seasonal residences.

What are the virtues of single-story houses from the brushe?

  • Buy one-stop houses from the brushe is the best solution if you want a quality building that will serve you for decades in a row. They're reliable, they're gloriously keeping heat inside and they look very aesthetic.
  • One-stop houses from the brass of the lung in the assembly. We are the ones who produce construction materials and deliver them to the site in a ready form. The construction principle is used in the construction process and the small size of the building enables it to be installed as quickly as possible.
  • Where necessary, a single-stage house is easily constructed (base, basement, mansard, etc.).
  • We use good environmental material. Profiled brushes are treated by special convoys. They prevent rotting and burning wood. Such constructions shall not be deformed, shall be practically depressed and shall not be immune to sharp temperature fluctuations.

Are you ready to order projects of small wooden houses from the brushe at an attractive price in our company? You also get:

  • Integrated services. We can order not only a single-story wooden house project from the brushe, but also order it to be implemented. If, among the sketches in the catalogue, you did not find the right person to bring your photos, drawings and other available works. We'll help create your dream house!
  • An opportunity to assess the quality of our work. You can see the process of implementing the projects personally, building the facilities currently under construction.
  • Good terms of cooperation. We are linked not only to business relations but also to multi-year friendships. This gives us the opportunity to exclude excess trade margins and to set the best prices for all work. We'd like to look into our catalogue and make sure it's on its own!
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