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Photo House From The Brushe

Construction of brushe houses: What is the cost of construction?

The brushes have a square section and are manufactured by opting the logs from all directions. Pilots are widely used for the construction of single- and double-deck dwellings of different areas. It may be possible to install any construction.

The cost of the house from the brushe depends on the following factors:

  • Type of wood made of lumber (e.g. pine per several times less than sheets);
  • architectural complexity of design;
  • The time frame for the construction of a cut under the key;
  • Separate materials and their price used in the construction of the house cut.

Sampling of flats

Also, the type of building used is affected by wooden brushes.

However, building the house from the brushe will cost less than a brick or a gasoline. Moreover, such a construction does not require an additional external separation, which also makes it possible to save significantly.

We have been working on the market for wooden houses from the brushe since 2005 and have gained sufficient experience. We're building a good-quality brushe lumber.

The virtues of our structures:

  • Good sound insulation;
  • excellent heating;
  • Deformation resistance;
  • Durability.

In the process of building wooden houses under the key, we are conducting fire and bioprotection, which allows for a substantial extension of their lives.

We propose to buy a house from a brushe created by a model or individual project

Company IVA operates Construction of brothels Model and individual projects. The illustrated catalogue contains a large selection of ready-to-charge urban maquitoes of different areas with price information. At the request of the customer, we are optimizing any model.

The design is tailored to the individual location of the future building. All our projects from the brushe are designed for long-term comfort. We take account of the customers ' wishes and propose, in each case, optimal engineering and architectural solutions for building houses from the brushe. Finding out the cost of the projects you've been prepared can be through the form of "Calling Call."

The design of the projects takes into account the characteristics of the wooden construction material. This makes it possible to build reliable structures that are resistant to cracking.

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