Дом из дерева внутри

Construction Of A Cut With Its Hands

Строительство бани из бревна своими рукамиA Russian banana with aromatic ferry or a venom is a great way to relax, to chase trouble and care. And if this banana is built with its own hands, its whole force is growing.

The building of the baths is, of course, not a simple but feasible one. The material for the traditional Russian bath is a tree: sosna, el, oxin. Modern technologies make it possible to cut off in a few days and fully build a bath during the season. See how to build a barbed bath from traditional and centuries-tested to modern.

Bunia construction materials

To build a barbed bath, we use cordon or cylindrovan wreath. Aboriginal is a shrimp with a removed top layer, and the wood structure is not broken, which increases its durability. Ocylindrovan is flat throughout the length under a single size.

Оцилиндрованное бревно

Preparing a shrimp for a cut involves several stages. To build a bath, they use pine, tree or oxin. You can also use oak for underwear, he's not afraid of moisture, and the lower wrench won't rot. They smash their wombs in winter, cut their bitches and smash the crust with an axe or a brush. Attention is drawn to the quality of the womb, its colour, by discarding:

  • Crowded or drastically swelled. The thickness change shall be not more than 1 cm per meter of length;
  • Bitchy shrimp with beds near the bitches - they're trembling inside.
  • An unnatural shrimp with stains on the cut, as well as too large in diameter;
  • When you buy ready logs, you also need to remove the dryers, they're not well-treated. Determine the degree of cushion by blowing the axe shoe, the sound produced must be deaf.

Диаметр оцилиндрованного бревна Проект бани Вариант укладки бревен Возведение крыши для бани

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