Проект дома из клееного бруса

A Nice Brush House

Present to you the portfolio of Alcore. Here we are posting information on completed projects. By naming any of the photos, you can get additional information on construction, stages of work, features of the facility.

We're here. Photographs of houses from glued brushes regularly. Thus, their number is steadily increasing, as is the increase in the number of satisfied clients who have already celebrated or are still gathering to celebrate the village.

As you can see, ready houses clay bruiseThe work done by Alcore ' s specialists is very diverse. They are different in size and architecture. If you haven't decided how your house is supposed to look, the photos of our work will help you figure it out.

Each of these comfortable and beautiful houses from the glued brushe can be replicated ( identical or with some modifications to the design) on your precinct. The project of the ready site may also form the basis of a new construction project. If you want to know more about building houses from a cool brushe, go to the Alcore HQ specialists.

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