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New Line

In October 2005, the Novo-Stroy KPA Rielt entered the omnibus real estate market. The new company was part of a multi-functional construction chole, headed by the ZSS No. 6, and was created specifically for secondary housing. Qualified experts from the KPA Three Rielt are willing to help any client wishing to sell, buy or exchange secondary housing. The commissions that determine the cost of the agency ' s services are 1.5 to 2 times lower than in most Omska Realtor firms.

The employees of Novostro KPA Rielt have certificates confirming their qualifications in real estate operations, participate in various seminars for customer management. The Real Estate Agency of the KPA Rielt has been successfully cooperating with the KPA Plus Novo Star for eight years. The benefits of this cooperation can be assessed by any client wishing to purchase an apartment on a new site from AGC No. 6 in lieu of his old apartment, in which case the conditions are even more favourable.

Those customers who lack the money to buy apartments, the experimental technicians of the Novo-Stroy Rielt Company will help to garner a mortgage product for the client's income.

The company ' s main office is located at: Ul. Volhovstro 94 (Tel.: (3812) 330-667), two additional offices: an office in the Kirov area at 12 Decabre d.56 (Tel.: (3812) 331-315 and an office in the town of Neftjanik, 2nd settlement d.55

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