МЦ «ДомаДом»

The House Is Feather

Why do people buy furniture at Dom? Because the furniture is the same and the prices are lower! Then why overpay?

We don't just sell furniture, we do it right.

Our staff will help you with your choice, demonstrate a range of interior items. You'll find out what to pay attention to and how to take care of the furniture to serve you for a long time.

For your convenience, the furniture you like can buy at the Domadom IC, on this site, or use the services of the Stoll.

In addition, the Domadoum network of ICM ' s desks in the form of the Tools of Orders is constantly growing, making the acquisition of furniture more comfortable for you, which is why it is so beneficial to buy furniture at Dom Dom!

Information on the seller

IP Antipkin Artem Vitaljevic

Legal address: 614030, Perm, Menzinski Ula

Postal address: 614000 Perm, Ul. Solica 317, Cabinet No. 5

INN: 95

R/s: in the West Ural Bank of the Russian Federation


BIC: 045773603

30 May

Card charges via the Internet, cash or card at the furniture center and the order table.

Bank payment at the bank.

A 5 per cent discount

If the furniture is in the warehouse, the nearest delivery takes place the day after payment, except in remote areas.

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