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Prepared Houses

Village houses are not even the most frivolous winters, largely due to the high heat characteristics of wood. And the cottage from the brushe is no exception. We emphasize that the whole brushe is produced by the " Sodge " plumber manufactured in winter in the northern regions of the country. Such wood is more dense and less susceptible to deformation. The whole thing is strangled in chambers of a convenience type, which significantly increases her life.

In the process of wood harvesting, high-technology German machines with numerical software are processed. It is in these cars that the brushe is given the perfect Austrian profile, the main features of which are the increased number of teeth, which ensures absolute bruising, reinforces the design and prevents production. A unique Labirinth angular compound is being carried out in the cabinets of the Zodci ' , special equipment. Thanks to him, the brushe botches are safely protected from probe and suffocation in the corners. The raw materials, strict compliance with technology and multi-level production controls are three kitas that maintain the quality of the brace produced by the Zedge Company. The company has set a time limit for these products. This is particularly the case with a 100x180 mm glued brace subject to the 20-year guarantee.

All brushe boots from Zodche are designed by professional, experienced architects of the company. They have the power to design and implement the draft almost any difficulty. Importantly, they are always guided not only by the principles of functionality and beauty, but also by the economic feasibility of each architectural solution. This applies particularly to model projects. Many of the brushe cottages, including glue brushes, considered as elite material, are affordable. Even people with modest incomes, customers whose price is important and which are oriented towards cheap projects can buy them. In order to better get to know our company's capabilities and look at the brushe houses full, come to our exhibition sites. They work every day without lunch breaks. We're waiting for you.

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