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Building Materials

Minor building materials

That's what they're building. Glina, straw, bags of land, pallets, wood, glass bottles, etc. Natural and non-toxic, they make the most unusual and non-standard ideas.

Home from land

After the trilogy of " Lord of the Row " , the land-born " hobbit " housewives " arrived at the front of the individual home. But this technology is not a windshield. Houses from the land were built in a long time of ancientity, and, judging by the houses of Jericho built in the X-century until the N.A., the land buildings can be very long. And the building material is always under his feet!

The walls often come from bags with land or sand. Bags put in layers are glyna, samina, hips, then they're shaking. Earth houses are resistant to fire, water and freeze. They're cheap, strong, easily driven.

Solo house

Unlike Nif-Nif's hard house from a famous fairy tale, real straw houses are solid and reliable, accessible and comfortable. Build a house From the broken pieces, you can be quick every season. No time for landing. Soloma is processed by special convoys to prevent rotting. They're usually using cement as a drink, solobeton. A metal or plastic grid shall be used for archiving.

Solo technology is very popular in rural areas, especially in countries with hot climates. But straw freezes are good, so home from solobeton can be found in Siberia.

Home from Samana

Saman and Glina are ancient materials that re-emergize interest in eco-construction. For Samna, the clay is mixed with sand, land, straw or other organic additives. The mixture then forms the blocks. Houses are provided with solid and comfort: material is well " hold " the temperature, has excellent noise-insulating and fire-resistant properties. While the home from the Samana will be costly in terms of the cost of materials, the labour-costs will be decent, a process predominantly " manual " .

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