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Building House

фото info. The Mayor of Casani Ilsour Metshin proposed, together with the Public Prosecutor ' s Office, that a quality label be developed for reliable developers to help the towns choose their partners for construction.

" The economy is changing so rapidly that the situation may deteriorate during the year, so expert opinion is important. We will find a legal form to make people aware that a building is being carried out without any problems in order to be a quality sign from the evaporator and the Public Prosecutor ' s Office. "

In Casani Construction of Dollar Houses 77 builders. More than 30,000 apartments are being built. Over 16, 7,000 treaties have been concluded with over 58 billion roubles. This was reported on the " business Monday " in the City of Mayor ' s City by the chief of housing policy, Marcel Abdulhakov. By the end of 2015, 82 houses were housed in Casani under the special control of the Government of Russia. By the beginning of this year, there were six.

The construction of a 267 apartment building is continuing at the crossroads of Krasnokshai and Barudi and a 146-family house at the Behterev and Kosmodyyan streets.

" Two sections of the housing building that were built by a group of companies, Fon, have been operational. This is the 180th apartment building of the Simphonia complex and the 231th apartment building of the VC " Young " . Two sections of Baki Urmanche in the Sun City. Marcel Abdulhakov reported a high degree of preparedness following the new investor ' s involvement in the 128-family housing in Chetaev Street.

The construction of a further 17 Fon houses should be completed. However, law enforcement agencies are still working to identify the assets of the company, its managers and company-related individuals. To complete the construction of these houses, investors are attracted through the implementation of Fona assets. GS Briz, after buying the GBI plant, has been involved in the construction of the Simfonia Housing Complex, the company is currently working in the MES housing complex.

Similar work is being done by law enforcement officers against Sway. The director of Rashit Aitov is in custody, and criminal proceedings have been instituted against him.
" The law enforcement agencies are working to identify the assets of the company from which funds will be used to complete the construction of houses. To date, it has been suspended " , Abdulhak said.

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