Финские дома из бруса,финские

Village Bottches Under Key

If you want to build a house far from the city's loom, where you and your family will be comfortable, then order ready. wooden cottage projects At the price of the company IVA, your best solution.

Substance kit:

Buildings from this natural material have many obvious advantages:

  • Environmental. Natural wood creates a healthy, most comfortable microclimate in the room.
  • Excellent noise and thermal insulation properties. Cottejis from the tree offer significant savings in internal warming and conditioning. And thanks to the excellent noise-insulation properties, you will not be disturbed by outside street noises.
  • Estetic appearance. The natural tree has an exemplary textur, which will look prestigious even without extra separation.

What do we offer clients who decided to buy wooden cattle projects?

  • Services from A to I. By ordering a wooden cottage or any other construction project, you can trust us to implement it. Our specialists are doing the whole range of work, from building the foundation to clean-up.
  • Developing an individual project of any difficulty. Our catalogue contains wooden botches under the key of a model project. Have they found the right one? We'll work it out for you, taking into account all the wishes!
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