Оцилиндрованное бревно

Ocylindrovan Wreath

The cylindrovan is a processed wood barrel, which has a cylindra form all over its length. The angular connection of the barrel is performed in the chasha with the output. For each other's touching, they're cutting off a moon puzzle.

The greatest popularity in the construction of houses is the diameter of the shrimp 240-260 mm, which is sufficient to ensure minimum heat losses even at the most severe time of the year, winter. To build a bath, it is sufficient to use a 180-200 mm cylindrovan wrench to maintain the necessary temperature throughout the bathing period.

Build your own home to give cylindrovan wrench for permanent residence, the dream of most of the villagers and the need for the villagers. Today, there is a high incidence of shrimp houses, whose prices and quality are most appropriate for cold winters, hot summers and rather raw intersex. Our specialists only select material of high quality, ready to serve dozens of years, keeping a warm and healthy atmosphere inside the building. At MassivDom, you may order the building of any kind of assignment to be key, in accordance with your personal project or our standard works. Ocylindrovan wreath

Long-term experience of logging for cuts and the thorough development of a wooden project of any area enables our masters to build not just good, but still very beautiful, functional and modern houses that have chosen the best find and solutions to world architectural design trends. You'll be admiring. with a wooden house!

6 m long, diameter, mm1st rib, m3Columbus at 1m3, stWide of the shell, mmWorking height of the rim, mm1 m3 value (bows under project)
1800, 1536, 5901566700
2000, 1885, 31001737000
2200, 2284, 3851101917200
2400, 2713, 6851202087400
2600, 3193, 141302257600
2800, 3692, 7140243
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